2012-12-15 APM Systems rolls out its NextGen Total Cloud Backup platform to customers

At its core, APM Systems has been providing its clients backup and recovery solutions since its inception. APM Systems launched its Total Cloud Backup Platform in June of 2011. APM Systems has been operating and providing complete backup and recovery solutions for a flat monthly fee to its clients since 2004. Now, in December 2012 we have launched our 3rd generation backup and recovery platform and second generation Total Cloud Backup Platform. 

Employment Opportunites

APM Systems is looking for a few very qualified and interested candidates to join our team for immediately available positions. We are currently seeking passionate, trustworthy, and experienced IT Engineers, Administrators and managers, Level 1/2/3 IT Support experts, IT Consultants, and Experienced level 1 helpdesk or support technicians. We are also seeking some assistance in areas of business administration and part time office personnel.

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Affordable Managed IT Service and Support

With today's constantly evolving technology, it's a challenge for small companies to keep up with changes and manage all their IT hardware, software, infrastructure and tech support in-house. At APM Systems, we offer a wide selection of affordable managed IT services to help small and mid-size companies in Philadelphia save more time, ensure security of their valuable information, and improve productivity.


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